a - 1篱笆开始 its journey in 1998 in Mumbai, 印度. 该公司的基础是通过提供高质量来彻底改变击剑市场 & innovative perimeter 安全 解决方案. a - 1篱笆开始 off by manufacturing and exporting concertina and with persistence & commitment towards customer satisfaction, 它在全球市场经历了指数级增长,提供广泛的产品. We strive hard to provide best 解决方案 in perimeter 安全, 界定, 道路安全, soil conservation and stabilization.




拥有超过20年的周界安全专业知识,esball手机客户端下载的专业工程师团队 & 建筑师通过了解客户的要求和场地条件,为栅栏的需求提供正确的咨询.


A-1 Fence commitment towards innovation & technology has paved the way for an inhouse R&D公司致力于创造世界一流的创新产品.


在a - 1栅栏 we understand that one solution might not fit all. esball手机客户端下载通过了解现场的安全威胁,选择合适的产品组合并集成所有产品,帮助设计一个完整的解决方案包.


With over 4 manufacturing facilities in 印度 & 2 abroad, A-1 Fence boasts a manufacturing capacity of 60000吨 每年. Our core competency lies in its ability to supply complete systems, 设计和制造的规格,最重要的是ASTM / BS-EN认证标准.


esball手机客户端下载先进的涂料设备能够生产高质量的涂料,如PPC, PVC或TPC,这有助于esball手机客户端下载的篱笆保持其新奇,即使在恶劣的环境条件下.

服务 & 安装

A-1 Fence provides a dedicated team for complete end - to - end installation & AMC通过强大的合作伙伴网络和内部管理人员支持维护各种系统, 培训师及支援团队.




  • Been buying A-1 products since many years and it’s become part of the family. Prompt and timely action their always. Mr. Pinak 你的事迹线产品.

  • esball手机客户端下载证明A-1击剑所提供的材料质量令人满意,经久耐用. Their 产品 will meet requirements of the market. Mr. Jatindar辛格 AHUJA CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS.

  • We have been working with A-1 Fence since six years, 这些年来,在a -1 Fence的支持下,esball手机客户端下载为铁路公司做了很多项目. A-1 Fence材料的质量非常好,esball手机客户端下载按时按时收到材料. We have good experience of working with them. Mr. 普拉文·Kadam ROHAN机械备件.



Over the 20+ years of our illustrious existence, esball手机客户端下载为自己在高端商业围栏、自动大门和安全系统领域创造了无与伦比的声誉! 因此, esball手机客户端下载的产品和服务不仅在esball手机客户端下载的原产国有需求,这并不奇怪, but across 50 other nations across the globe.

So, if you have been contemplating fencing 解决方案 for your commercial, 住宅, 工业或农业场所在这里有几个理由,为什么你应该选择a -1围栏解决方案-现在和永远!


从划界篱笆到美学篱笆和高安全地缘政治边界篱笆, 从盖茨 & 自动化 to 入侵 检测系统, from 路上的障碍 to Welded 网产品 and from 石笼 to 栅栏附加组件, 有了A-1 Fence,您总是可以确保得到最广泛的栅栏产品.


在a - 1栅栏 we are passionate about excellence, and make sure that our passion transcends to our product offerings. Whether it is an 电动栅栏, 电焊网栅栏, 编织网栅栏 , 或门, every product that we manufacture is of the highest 质量, 更重要的是, 是认证!


当esball手机客户端下载说esball手机客户端下载是印度最有前途的围墙公司之一时,esball手机客户端下载是认真的. esball手机客户端下载不仅为击剑提供完全定制的解决方案,而且还确保完整的安装和维护,让您有一个轻松的体验!


While we have a humble beginning in Mumbai, the commercial capital of 印度, 今天,esball手机客户端下载在全球50个国家拥有业务,包括但不限于美国, UK, 澳大利亚, 西班牙, 法国, 危地马拉, 波兰, 和海湾合作委员会国家.


帮助esball手机客户端下载保持一流水平的一个最显著的方面是,esball手机客户端下载拥有自己最先进的制造单位. 在esball手机客户端下载6个设施中, 4家分布在印度各地,2家在Buraimi(阿曼)和迪拜(阿联酋).

Excellence across Domains

在a - 1栅栏, esball手机客户端下载为esball手机客户端下载的能力提供了一些重要的领域,包括-高安全围栏解决方案, Perimeter 入侵 检测系统s, 周边的访问控制, Demarcation Solutions and Geo Solutions.

How fencing helps protect your premise?

As one of the pioneering fencing companies in 印度, esball手机客户端下载A-1公司相信,商业围栏安装带来了一系列令人难以置信的好处, 不仅是在安全性方面,还包括它对您的业务的总体影响! 无论如何, esball手机客户端下载没有1个而是4个令人信服的理由,为什么您必须选择众多的围栏选择之一,如焊接网围栏, 电动栅栏 or chain link and honeycomb fence®!


为您确保您最大的资产-您的土地,包括您的人力资产的最大保护, plant and machinery – it is crucial that you deploy a 安全 fence, and in some cases even take help from a sturdy anti climb fence installation. With A-1 Fence by your side, you can rest assured that all your 安全 needs will always be taken care of!


Protecting international borders, government 基础设施s or privately owned land assets alike, 在a - 1栅栏, we have mastered the art of keeping trespassers at bay, 这要归功于esball手机客户端下载广泛的入侵检测系统,比如紧凑监视雷达, Wireless intrusion detection system & Liminal-K围栏安装干扰传感器以及防攀爬围栏安装解决方案.


When it comes to giving your enterprise a look and feel that is simply remarkable, a fence with superior corrosion resistance and seamless finish is all you need! 从确保你的客户真的受宠若惊到确保你的投资者, visitors and prospective customers take you seriously, our range of aesthetically appealing fence 解决方案 can help you achieve it all!


UNICO系列护栏是a -1护栏产品的模块化、美观的护栏解决方案. 这个栅栏的高度可以很容易地按照您的规格定制(对于大宗订单). 从它的等距铁丝网到它的广泛的颜色范围,包括绿色, 红色的, 黄色和白色, 这个击剑解决方案有它所需要的一切,以提供一个新的面貌,您的财产! 更重要的是? It promises hassle-free installation!
So, 在你充分利用A-1护栏产品之前,不要再等了,给你的企业安全感, 安全, and visual appeal that it truly deserves, that too at one of the lowest overall cost of ownership!